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I’m excited to be a part of Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton’s incredible journey to find out what it truly means to be gutsy! Stream the docuseries now on @AppleTVPlus @HillaryClinton

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Stream the docuseries now on @AppleTVPlus.

What does it mean to be gutsy? What does Hillary and Chelsea Clinton's journey entail? I'm excited to find out!

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kim kardashian

Following Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as they travel the world to learn about different cultures and what it means to be "gutsy."

#Gutsy according to @KimKardashian : Gutsy women follow their heart.

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Didn’t sleep the required eight hours? @SKKN to the rescue.

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I’m pleased to announce the launch of @SKKYPartners with private equity veteran Jay Sammons

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as co-founder and co-managing partner, along with @KrisJenner who will serve as partner at our firm.

it’s almost time. @kardashianshulu season 2 of #TheKardashians

kim kardashian