Space Gray vs Silver Macbook Pro – Which Color is Better for Gamers

Which color MacBook should you buy, Space Gray or Silver? We compare the two to help gamers decide. Both colors are great options, but your gaming habits may make one better for you than the other:

  1. Space Gray: The darker color hides dirt and dust more easily, which is great if you’re a gamer who tends to snack while playing. The lack of contrast means that scratches and scuffs stand out less against the background.
    • Space Gray is definitely a more subdued, serious color than Silver, which can look like a shiny piece of metal. It’s a good choice if you want your laptop to look sleek and professional, or if you want it to blend in with your home office setup. Silver, on the other hand, can stand out more than Space Gray.
  1. Silver: The brighter color will look newer for longer, but it does show dirt easily. That’s not a big deal if you’re a clean gamer, but it might be a consideration if you tend to eat while playing.
    • If you’re looking for a more striking and modern-looking color scheme, Silver may be the right choice for you. If you’d prefer a more professional-looking color scheme, or one that blends in with your other peripherals, Space Gray might be your best bet.

Apple has recently released its new 2021 edition of the MacBook Pro. The laptop comes in two sizes that are 14 inches and 16 inches. They are claimed to be the most powerful Mac book Pro to date. You can choose between two chips for your laptop, either M1 Pro or M1 Max. Both of them come with a ten-core CPU and 64 GB unified memory and can do wonders as they are extremely fast in performance.

Space grey vs silver macbook Pro


One of the major upgrades in the new MacBook is the battery, which can deliver the same power without being plugged. Similarly, you can now edit twice the amount, of pictures in Lightroom compared to previous generations of the laptop. Moreover, editing has been made really easy with the new MacBook, as you can now edit multiple streams of 8K and color grade them in HDR.

Apple has also introduced the Pro Motion feature with the new MacBook that has a 120 Hz refresh rate and can automatically adjust itself according to the movement content and hence, makes everything from scrolling to playing your favorite games on mac super smooth. Apple has also upgraded the camera on the new MacBook, which now has a resolution of 1080p and a wide aperture lens which allows more light to enter, which therefore improves the quality of pictures and videos.

Another great feature of the MacBook is Liquid Retina XDR which gives HDR content. 

This display is factory calibrated and has pro modes for HDR color grading, design, and photography. The new MacBook also has three studio Microphones inbuilt in it. Moreover, it has a six-speaker system installed in it which supports Dolby Atmos and spatial audio. This high-quality sound, combined with the Liquid Retina XDR display, makes your Mac Book a portable theater for you.

MacBook Liquid Retina XDR

As far as the slots and ports on the new generation are concerned, it comes with an SDXC card reader for faster transfer of pictures and videos. You can also connect your MacBook with the TV with the help of HDMI output. It also has a 3.5mm jack for you to plug in your headphones.

Colors of the New Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro comes in two colors: Silver and Space Gray. But which one is better for gamers?

Apple customers usually don’t get many colors to choose from. They do have bright and flashy color options for their normal or baseline devices, but when it comes to the Pro devices, the company is much more reserved.

The all-new MacBook Pro from Apple comes in two colors for both 14 inch and 16-inch versions, which are Space Grey and Silver. Initially, Apple started selling MacBooks only in Silver color but afterward also added Space grey as a choice, and since then, these two colors have become the staple colors for a lot of products from Apple. Choosing the color is entirely on you, but there are some subtle things you should keep in mind while choosing the color of your new 2021 MacBook Pro.

Choosing the Color of Your Macbook Pro

Most people would agree that one of the best things about Apple products is their sleek, elegant design. But when it comes down to choosing a color for your next MacBook Pro, which shade should you select?

MacBook Pro Colors For Gamers

If you’re a gamer, then Space Gray is probably the better choice for you. It’s not just because this version looks like it belongs in outer space; it has more to do with its technological features.

  • For example, the Space Gray model offers better graphics than the Silver model. The reason is that it uses Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics with 4GB of VRAM, compared to Intel UHD Graphics 630 on the Silver model. This means you’ll have a smoother experience while gaming!
  • And if you love being able to play around with unique settings and make your gaming experience more immersive, then this is definitely something to consider while shopping.

If you are not a Gamer There are some little but important than you should note while choosing the color, that is as follows:


It is pretty natural to be concerned about the discoloration of your laptop. But you don’t need to worry as Apple has been anodized aluminum finishings on its products for years now and has mastered the process. All the apple products have held their colors for years even after extensive use, so you need not worry about the discoloration or fading colors of your Mac book, no matter whichever color it is.

2-Low light Disturbance

If you want to use your Mac in a dark room and want to focus on your screen without the disturbances from the glare on the bezels, you don’t need to worry about that in the case of MacBook Pro as both the colors have dark bezels, which lets you focus better on the screen. Similarly, while watching a movie in low light, you’ll realize that these bezels seem to merge with the screen, making it more invisible.

3-Reflection of Light

As both models are made up of metal, so they both reflect a certain amount of light, and if you are a really keen observer of minute details, then you might find the silver version reflecting a little more flare as compared to the space grey color. The aluminum finishings on both the laptops reduce the reflection of light, and so you’ll find very little difference between the two.

4-Wear and Tear

Apple products usually get a lot less wear and tear and compared to the devices from other brands because of their anodized aluminum finishes. But that doesn’t mean that they are free from wear and tear because they are made up of metal, and metal usually gets scratches as time passes. If the scratches are big, they will be visible no matter whichever color you have. However, the Space grey model will have a higher contrast with the scratches and will make them stand out, while on the other hand, they will be a lot less visible on the silver color MacBook Pro.

5-Color Aesthetics

Space Grey is a color that is more sleek, subtle, and subdued. It might be the color of choice for many folks because it looks a bit more modern and also pairs well with the black keyboard. Comparatively, on the other hand, silver could be a great choice for someone who wants the iconic MacBook aesthetic. Some may say that it seems a little old when compared to the Space Grey, but the color combination of this lovely silver and black keyboard is difficult to resist.


This article is for informational purposes only. The whole theoretical framework is all about the MacBook, its features, and the specifications of its main colors, i.e., Space grey and silver. After reading this article, you will be aware of the specifications of each color, and then you will decide better which color you are going to buy.

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