How to Share Screen in FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad

The meaning of the term “sharing screen” is as simple as the term itself sounds. It simply means how a user can share his or her mobile screen with his/her any other friend.

How to Share Screen On FaceTime

In this article, I am going to discuss how iPhone users can share their screens with others.

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How Does Sharing Screen Work?

When you share your screen with any of your friends or with any of your siblings, indeed, they can see whatever is appearing on your screen, but they can not manage the screen themselves. Only you can do this. Also, you will get notifications on your screen, but the others to whom you have shared your screen won’t be able to see those notifications on their screens.

It is also very important to know that when you are sharing your screen with others, then others will not be able to see the content on their screens that requires subscriptions rentals or paid trials. Only free content can be viewed on shared screens.

In the world, which is mainly under the control of the latest technology, it is necessary for the leading technology companies to introduce variations and new technologies in the devices they produce. The topmost name that comes to our minds is obviously Apple Macintosh and their cell phones which are iOS software.

Already, Apple has introduced a FaceTime call, but now Apple has made more modifications and enhancements after which the users are not only restricted to FaceTime call in fact, the users can do a lot with screen sharing.

Thanks to Apple, which has introduced a new feature which is SharePlay, through which the screen can be shared with friends and family. With this feature, a user can share his screen with his friends and family and can select any movie to watch together, go through any old photo album together or do group discussions on any project easily.

How to Share an iPhone Screen With Others?

The process of sharing a screen is not so complex. The developers have made it simpler for the users to use.


Following are the steps to carry out the process of screen sharing.

  • Launch FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad.
FaceTime on your iPhone
  • Tap on New FaceTime and add the contacts that you simply wish to share your screen with, then tap the FaceTime button. Alternately, choose a recent contact to initiate a video call with your contacts.
  • When the call with your contacts has connected, tap on the SharePlay button, which is at the top-right corner of the screen in the new control panel.
  • Tap on Share My Screen in the dropdown. After a countdown of three seconds, the sharing of the screen should initialize.

Once you have started a FaceTime call with your contacts, you can get into any app which you want to share with your contacts. An icon will remain at the top left corner of your screen. This icon will indicate that your screen sharing is active currently. You can tap on this icon to get access to the complete FaceTime control panel.

You can swipe away the active caller’s face for a lot of screen area and swipe them back to read even as simply. If you are viewing somebody else’s shared screen, you will see their name just under the top-left icon, aboard buttons to send them a message, Love what they are sharing, or share it with somebody else.

If you prefer, you will be able to additionally hear music or watch movies and television along with the SharePlay interface. You will be able to stream movies, videos or TV shows, and everybody on the video call can see constant synced playback and controls.

Benefits of Using Facetime Shareplay

By introducing SharePlay on your FaceTime call, you can introduce music, movies, and even your photo albums into call with your friends. A real-time connection with others on the call—with synced playback and shared controls, you can not only hear but can see the same moments at the same time which is quite amazing. You can also share your screen to any of the show apps, web pages, or many platforms. This is one of the most important and worthy features of iOS developers till now. 

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Final Words

The above-mentioned context is all about FaceTime and SharePlay. And how you can use SharePlay to share your iPhone screen with some of your friends and family members who are synced to your iPhone. This article descriptively explains the procedure of using SharePlay synced with FaceTime.

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