Privacy Policy

PassionApk is a private blog with the goal of helping to find new concepts about games and ideas to make your life better and fully entertained: Our website address is:


When visitors leave comments on the site, we collect data from their comment forms and also capture a visitor’s IP address. This helps us fight spam by revealing who is commenting as well as what device they used to access our website! After approval of your message with some anonymous strings attached (such as an email address), Gravatar will show off your profile picture in context while displaying it publicly for everyone else viewing this thread or page- so be careful about how personal information gets shared around online community spaces like these if you want others not see your face too soon after registering yourself without any photos associated yet.

We also use cookies on the site. We require this for logins, keeping you logged in as long as possible without having to re-enter your password each time you leave and come back from another page or post! We do not store any of your personal information inside our cookies that we have set on this website so it is easy for you to manage your privacy.


You should always avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. This is because visitors to the website can download and extract any information from these files, which could put your privacy at risk!


Leave a comment on our site and you’ll be able to opt-in for saved names, emails or websites. We use cookies so that we don’t have repeat input when browsing from one post to another as well as keeping your preferences synced between devices! These are good habits – they last 1 year before being reset back but can also store up until 3 months worth at any given time depending how often you visit this blog which might mean less scrolling needed since everything would already exist where my eyes need find it most easily 😉

If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser – or at least that’s what the website designers want us all think!

When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and screen display choices. Login cookies last for two days; however if selected with “Remember Me” then they’ll be active as long as thirty days or until the user selects an output which deletes it from memory themselves within this time period (i recommend choosing something simple like ‘remember me’). Screen options only cookie creates a one-year history so that way when changing pages/tabs mid session without having logged out first

If you publish or edit an article, a cookie will be saved in your browser. This small file includes no personal data and simply indicates the post ID of any story with which you were involved when it expires after 1 day.

Embedded Content From Other Websites

Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g., videos, images, articles). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if you had visited that originating website – with one exception! Websites like YouTube will sometimes track your browsing behavior and use cookies to remember what video or article was interesting enough for users to watch again later.

The sites also monitor interactions between their own third party tracking code.

Who We Share Your Data With

The password reset email will include your IP address to help us identify who has requested this.

How Long We Retain Your Data

Let’s say you leave a comment on one of our posts. The metadata for that post and all future comments will be retained indefinitely so we can recognize any follow-up thoughts automatically, in place rather than holding them in moderation if they were posted before approval was given by an admin or editor.

Furthermore, registered users have the ability to view/edit their own personal information including username unless it has been changed through some other source like Facebook–which is useful should someone decide there isn’t enough uniqueness about themselves without having access via email address etcetera!

Website administrators also possess this same level edit privileges except total overruling anything selected at first hand; therefore making sure no confidential data gets leaked accidentally during typos

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

If you have an account with us, or left comments on one of our older posts and would like to be able request a file containing your personal data? We will provide it. You can also ask that any information which we hold about yourself (including anything submitted) become inaccessible in case there are breaches at some point down the line where this info could compromise someone’s identity!

Where We Send Your Data

Visitors to your website may be checked through an automated spam detection service.