OneNote Vs Notability: Read Detailed Comparison

OneNote is one of the pioneers of note-taking applications, there Notability has done wonders for its Apple users. Each application races to the highest in terms of user usability and distinctive options. Whereas OneNote was launched in 2003, Notability has quickly stepped up the ladder and presented itself after every few years in the year 2010.

OneNote Vs Notability

Notability vs OneNote even though each application has some distinct options that set them apart with reference to platform and valuation. We are going to take an in-depth look at every option and feature and allow you to choose whether OneNote is perfect or Notability is best.

Let us consider some of the options and features of both of these applications and then conclude which app is best of all after going through all the below-mentioned points.

User Interface

OneNote and Notability, both the applications have an exceptional interface of the two-column layout. Each app allows you to cluster and code multiple notes and place them into separate folders for higher readability and improved organization.

OneNote Vs Notability interface

OneNote encompasses a three-hierarchy system that helps you to produce folders in a very associated unvaried manner. You will conjointly manage the navigation area in OneNote to extend the realm for taking notes. On the opposite hand, you get dividers in notable.

Use of Each Application

OneNote may be a very difficult and multi-feature application whereas notable is extremely very simple. As the OneNote app gets a lot of difficulties, the convenience of use decreases for the user. Notable’s main point and objective is its easy use which is evident by the review of the user. So, notable wins this one and hence it is a lot of easy and easier to use.


OneNote may be a cross-platform application which implies we are able to get pleasure from this application on automaton, iOS moreover on the devices that support windows. Whereas, notable is presently not on the market for any non-Apple platforms. However, the homeowners still observe the demand, and they promise to come up back with one complete thing presently.


OneNote takes an extended time to synchronize and startup as a result of it synchronizing with multiple devices and cargo notes from all the devices. Whereas, notable takes little time to fill. That is a result of its little synchronization to try and do once it involves startup.

onenote synchronisation

File Size

Notability’s file size is about one MB per note with no audio notes. Whereas, there is no set file size for OneNote’s file size. It depends on what you augment the infinite canvas you get.

Eraser and Highlighter

Notability has the higher implement tool as a result of it allow you to erase by element and you will additionally modify the dimensions of your implement however the highlighter tool is not this sensible. Thanks to the mess it produces whereas the OneNote implement is the worst as a result of the method being clumsy and you have got little or no management over the tool. However, the highlighter is good as a result of which it does not create untidy shades and is swish in use.

Stylus Support

Both apps offer stylus support through which you will take notes, draw, drag and rotate, highlight and erase the text. It is a bit like mistreatment of your fingers over the screen; you may be employing a tool however the practicality of any bit won’t modify with the utilization of the stylus.

Handwriting and OCR

The writing expertise in notable is much additional superior to OneNote even when the newest update during which the OneNote inking has improved most.

OneNote Vs Notability writing

Notability handwriting is evident and sleek and OneNote encompasses ways to travel to view with notable on this. Each application offers OCR options and converts your handwriting into text. However, notability is additionally correct than OneNote.

Media Handling

OneNote handles media higher because it permits you to pick pictures and move them with the notes around your page whereas notable does not permit you to maneuver your text and pictures or audio notes at an equivalent time. Overall media is far easier and easier to handle in OneNote as compared with notable.

Application Size

Application size for OneNote varies with the device and might take up heaps of area on your device for saving notes. On the opposite hand, notable is 128 MB and takes terribly low area whereas saving a note.


The rating for OneNote on Appstore is 4.7 and also the rating on the Google Play store is 4.3. Whereas, the rating for notable on Appstore is 4.8. OneNote users complain concerning synchronization problems whereas notable users have concerns about the app blinking issues.


OneNote could be a free note-taking application from Microsoft whereas notable will set you back $10 which too for your Apple devices solely. However, there is a catch; OneNote uses an area from the OneDrive and after you run out of the free area from the drive, it should value you extra cash for a lot of storage.

Miscellaneous Options

Both the applications have an oversized set of pen options which provides the user heaps of choices to style and organize the documents, color-code totally different headings, cluster numerous topics, etc. You will conjointly rotate text in each of the applications. However, OneNote provides solely a 90-degree rotation whereas notable permits you to rotate your notes at any angle.

Notability has multiple pen sizes in order that you will have multiple writing choices. Also, notable has totally different handwritings that you will amend even when taking notes. It conjointly contains a zoom feature. All of those things are not out there in OneNote. The choice tool for notable is additionally such a lot higher than OneNote.

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Final Verdict

It is very difficult to conclude which app is better in which way. Both the applications have certain pros and cons. So, each user has a different viewpoint regarding each application as each person has a different way of thoughts.

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