Nox Player vs Bluestacks: Which One is Best to Play Mobile Games on Pc Or Mac

Do you stick to your PC and wanna How To Play Mobile Games on Pc or macOS. Then you should know about Android Emulator.  Sometimes, you can not install apps on your android phone, so you need a large space. If you are in search of a solution, to play games on your PC then the android emulator will solve your problem. Above all, you can enjoy all android games on an emulator. If you are a PubG & Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 lover then you can play your favorite game on the laptop by installing an android emulator.

NoxPlayes vs BlueStacks

For this, you can run android apps on your PC using an android emulator. But the question arises, which emulator you should use? There is a tough competition between Nox Player and Blue stacks. Let us clear your ambiguity without delaying it too much.


Blue Stacks

Blue stacks is an android emulator that allows you to play android games on a PC. Moreover, it is developed by the Blue Stack company. It provides 6 times faster speed than any other android device. Bluestack will enhance your experience by increasing your speed. Moreover, you can easily enjoy its speed and functionality.

Now, moving towards Nox player.

Nox Player

Nox Player

Nox player comes up with pre-installed apps. Moreover, you can install more apps on it. Furthermore, its pre-installed apps are quite a handy feature for you. You can get more apps when you install them. If you are a Mac user then you can easily install this amazing software.

System Requirements

Before installing this software, your PC must have those specifications. So, you can install it for use.


The following requirements are required before installing blue stacks on your PC.

  1. Your PC must have windows 7 and above. Moreover, you can use Windows 8,9,10, and Mac.
  2. It needs multi-core AMD/ Intel CPU to run.
  3. Your PC must have 2GB of Ram or 4GB of hardware space is required.
  4. Moreover, your PC must have service pack 2.


  1. It requires Windows 7,8,8.1 and OS-X
  2. It needs a multi-core or dual processor PC.
  3. Moreover, it required 1.5 GB of RAM and 3GB of Hard disk.
  4. Above all, it requires OpenGL 2.0.



If you wanna play games on Bluestacks then you can easily play high graphics games on it. Playing games on Emulator is quite smooth and easy to play. For this, your PC must have high resolution and above all, it must have a gaming processor. So, you have to purchase a laptop having high specs and resolution.


Nox can handle FPS games and high resolution. So, you do have not to worry about these things. Moreover, you can easily customize the controls set in the game. Above all, you have to take control according to your needs.


Now, moving towards the performance and seeing shocking results. Performance matters a lot while playing the game. Because games need high-performance PC. Moreover, you can see amazing facts about Bluestacks and Nox Player.


Bluestacks is better than Nox player in terms of performance. Moreover, the test proved that its performance is unbeatable. Furthermore, it scored 165000. It’s the fastest software for android users. Moreover, you can enjoy heavy mobile games using the blue stack emulator.


It runs on low specs PC as well. Moreover, it loads faster than Bluestacks with zero Ads. It is better in the interface as compared to BlueStacks. It has less performance as compared to Blue stacks. Above all, you have to play low-quality games on it.

User Interface


It provides a better user interface to the users. Moreover, it is quite user-friendly and useful. You can easily use it because it is quite easy to use. You can also add shortcut keys to it. Above all, you will be used to it. You have to use more specifications for smooth gaming. Having a better RAM will improve the gaming experience.



It has a simple UI that is to assist users. Moreover, it is quite simple and useful for users. After using the Nox player, you will feel that you are using an Android smartphone on your PC. It supports various customization options that allow you to mold it according to your requirements.



Most of us are concerned about the security of the app. Most apps ask about access to media. Let’s see the security of Blue stacks and Nox Player. Virus-free software allows you to play safe and secure games.


Bluestack comes is virus-free software that allows you to plat save and secure. Moreover, it is tested with a virus tool that shows it has no virus. So, what are you looking for? This application asks you to add a google account and then you can play multiple games on it. This app collects data and will not share it with any 3rd organization.


Now, coming towards Nox player, the test shows that hackers can easily access your data if you are using Nox player. Moreover, the virus tool detected some type of malware in the software. So, keep this issue in mind before installing this software on your PC.

Now, it’s up to you, which you have to choose.

Blue stack is quite reliable and easy to use. Moreover, it is secure and safe as compared to other software. Nox is quite light and easy to use but its security has many issues. So, choose wisely.


In the end, it’s your choice to choose the emulator. Both emulators are quite useful in their own way. It totally depends on your requirements. Blue stack is robust and reliable. Moreover, if you are a new user then you have to use Nox player because it is good for newbies. Furthermore, if you are using the emulator for a long time then you can use Blue stacks as an emulator. If you have any problem then do ask in the comment section given below. We will surely solve your problem.

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