Difference Between iPhone 13 and iPhone XR 

The most renowned mobile company, Apple has recently launched its new range of iPhone 13. This range differs completely from the older ranges as the new one comes up with new and advanced cinematic and photography modes, also it has the usual spec bump that accompanies the yearly arrivals. Such new features and specifications of the latest iPhone question the owners of the older models such as iPhone XR whether to go for an up-gradation or not?

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone XR

Well, for better understanding, I am comparing the specs and features of both the phones so that the money would be spent well.

Disclaimer: “This article is not meant to degrade any of the models. In fact, the purpose of this article is a better understanding of the features and specifications of the newly launched model by mobile phone by Apple.”

Let us have a keen look at the features and specifications of both models.

Style and Design of the Phones

Though the 2 devices are somehow similar in size and form yet there are some considerable variations. The iPhone 13 has a lot of compact frames and weighs 20 grams less than iPhone XR. This might not sound a lot to you. However, just realize how long of your time you spend on holding your mobile phone on a day today. So, a lighter heft could definitely prove a welcome blessing for your hands and wrists, particularly if you like to use a durable case to safeguard your iPhones.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone XR Style

iPhone XR vs iPhone 13

iPhone 13 – 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.65mm: 174g

iPhone XR – 150.9mm x 75.7mm x 8.3mm: 194g

You might be thinking that these dimensions would actually mean that the iPhone XR is greater than the iPhone 13. However, this may be the incorrect perception of your mind, thanks to investigating it. The styles are totally different, with the newer model that includes square-off edges resembling the iPhone 4 and 5 eras, whereas the iPhone XR incorporates a rounder form that is nearer to the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 eras for sure.

Build Quality of Phones

Apple comes up with the other next level of protection against water within the iPhone 13, with an IP68 rating which means the mobile phone will survive if is being submerged to depths of six meters for up to half an hour, whereas the IP67 rating on the iPhone XR proscribing the depth to at least one meter only.

Both phones have a display feature of 6.1. However, the iPhone 13 contains a ceramic defend instead of the glass in comparison to the older variant, which ought to increase its resistance to drops and scratches.

You will definitely find constant basic appointments that are shared with a Lightning port for charging, facet button, volume controls, and Face ID (and so the notch) for unlocking the device. Flipping them over reveals a serious distinction within the cameras. However, the foremost obvious factor is that the iPhone XR has one whereas the iPhone 13 has 2 cameras.

Features and Technical Specifications

The two models might have several similarities in their outer looks. However, with nearly 3 years between their dates of release, Apple has clearly given its newer creation a number of additional fashionable appointments. Here are the most considerable things to contemplate once while making a decision whether or not to upgrade your phone.

Display Screen

As mentioned earlier, a 6.1 inches display screen adorns each model. However, they are not equivalent to each other. The Super tissue layer XDR panel on the iPhone 13 is OLED, whereas the iPhone XR has an associate degree LCD screen, therefore you will see higher colors and contrasts, assisted by conjointly being HDR for the richer rendering of pictures. it is also brighter (460ppi as critical 326ppi on the iPhone XR), and more durable because of the ceramic protection.

Processor, Storage, and Memory

Perhaps the foremost vital identifying feature between the iPhone 13 and iPhone XR is the element that drives them each. Below the hood of the iPhone XR is the A12 Bionic chip that created its debut in 2018 with the introduction of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS max. At the time it absolutely was a robust processor, however, 3 years on that struggles to contend with the powerhouse that’s the A15 Bionic.

Apple calls the A15 bionic the ‘fastest chip ever during a smartphone’, thus you will be able to make certain things that not solely will outstrip the aging A12 Bionic in terms of performance, however, it also guarantees that the iPhone 13 can receive many additional iOS upgrades than the older chip. (Although, for now, there’s a level taking part in the field with each iPhone XR and iPhone 13 running iOS 15).

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone XR IOS

The A15 Bionic conjointly unlocks some pretty spectacular video and photography capabilities, thus if that is a part that develops your interests, then moving to the newer device may be a revelation and prove wonderful for you.

Apple doubled the storage allocations with the iPhone 13 vary too, thus instead of the 64GB and 128GB choices that came with the iPhone XR, you get 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB instead. There is conjointly additional internal memory, with the 3GB within the XR being accrued to 4GB within the 13. That once more can facilitate future-proof the latter against the strain the code can build within the years ahead.


The single-camera within the iPhone XR is ok for capturing nice still-images and video up to 4K at 60fps. So, if you are content with those choices then you will likely be happy to stay with the iPhone XR. However, there are some huge enhancements and improvements within the iPhone 13 that will make it a compelling device for those who wish to have a device for photography and videography.

Obviously, the twin cameras are a major upgrade. Whereas the iPhone XR can also do a lot with a 12MP Wide (f/1.8) lens, the iPhone 13 carries a 12MP Wide (f/1.6) and 12MP radical Wide (f/2.4). This release has lots of choices for pictures, with the radical Wide camera, permitting you to capture way more of a scene while not the requirement to stay walking backward.

iPhone 13 camera Vs iPhone XR camera

They conjointly mix with the A15 Bionic chip to supply Night mode, 3 extra portrait modes, good HDR four, and therefore the new Photographic modes which permit you to use live filters to your pictures and preserve skins tones for a lot more natural results.

The tentpole feature although is reserved for video. Apple introduced its new medium mode with the iPhone 13, which provides you the power to use a shallow depth of field to tug focus (change the purpose of focus from just about so much or vice versa) in an exceedingly shot. It is the same technique often utilized in TV and picture production and provides your footage a knowledgeable look. The mode is additionally clever enough to allow you to do all this even when you’ve got recorded the video, permitting you to target consider capturing the scenes you wish, then fix them in post-production.

Again, if this is not one thing that floats your boat, then you will have little doubt and be proud of the iPhone XR. But, if you want to fancy creating some cool-looking short films, then the iPhone 13 has some wonderful potentialities within it.


The iPhone 13 brings with it a number of alternative upgrades in terms of property and connectivity. You will use 5G LTE with the device, yet connect with Wi-Fi half-dozen compatible networks. Each supply speeds up the 4G and Wi-Fi five capabilities of the iPhone XR. However, given that you reside in areas with 5G or have a Wi-Fi half-dozen routers.

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Final Thoughts

If I am supposed to think whether to go for up-gradation of my handset or not, after going through the above-mentioned context and keenly observing the specs and features of both the models, I will definitely go for up-gradation of my personal mobile phone.

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