How to Install Optifine: Step by Step Easy Guide

Playing fast games is always fun and every gamer always wants to play games smoothly. Somehow, there are people who do not have any gaming personal computers. This specific general is for those who are having less powerful graphic cards and less storage space and games on such computers work very slowly. Here , our concern is to get some solution to this problem. The solution can be one and that is Optifine. So, the question lies what is optifine and how to download it.

how to install optifine

What  Is Optifine?

Optifine is a third party software and it presents some advanced settings for minecraft. It is a mod that was launched for rendering the system just to build the details of a  game. It could be downloaded for minecraft to enhance the gaming capacity of a computer. It is a java edition optimizer of minecraft that helps a gamer to play games smoothly even with a low computer system.

It’s  our turn to know how to install optifine. And before installing it , an obvious factor is that we should know how to download it first. Let’s get some helpful knowledge of downloading optifine minecraft.

How to Download Optifine Minecraft?

There are different versions of optifine minecraft. It’s up to you which version you would like to use.

Go  to or clock on the given URL.

How to Download Optifine Minecraft

Click on show all versions.

Here is a new bar

How to Download Optifine Minecraft

Now press on the download button of which version you require.

Finally, another bar would be open on your computer screen. And you have the version you have selected to download. Press the download button for the last time. Now save the file anywhere, maybe on the desktop or other place where you can find it easily.

How to Download Optifine Minecraft

So, you have successfully downloaded the version of optifine minecraft. Finally it’s required to install the file so that you can run the software whenever you need.

How to Install Optifine Minecraft?

Now, it’s time to install optifine. You should keep  it in mind that minecraft is based on JAVA. so , to use this optifine version you would need java. For installing it, you need to open the downloaded file and now right click on the installer file and use open with button and you will see  ‘Java™ Platform SE Binary.’ in the list.

How to Install Optifine Minecraft

Double click on the jar file and open the installer. And you would see a new bar, you have the option of installing over this bar. Press the install button and install it.

How to Install Optifine Minecraft

Now you would read “optifine is successfully installed” on your computer screen and you have finished installing optifine minecraft.

How to Install Optifine Minecraft Without Java?

If you do not have java, you may install it without java with the help of following steps.

On a primary basis , download the optifine with the same procedure. Make it sure that you have downloaded the latest version. Go to the version page and choose the optifine version and click on create.

How to Run Optifine Minecraft?

You just have downloaded and installed your required version of optifine. Now , it’s time to know about the running of optifine minecraft.

There are some features of optifine that you have to understand before using it.

FPS Setting

SPF here means  “framerate per second” . It is important to increase the framerate setting of the game to play quality games. You can go to the video setting for this purpose and set it according to the requirements of the gameselect “the “Video Settings,” and “Shaders.”  When you find the shaders menu, click “Shaders Folder.”

Another organizer on your PC. Move the pack you downloaded into this organizer, now restart “Minecraft.”

When it restarts, you’ll see the new shaders pack in the “Shaders” menu. When you are done with it, you would find a huge difference in light of the game with and without shaders

Optifine Zoom

There is another feature of optifine zoom which is about zooming your game while you are playing. You can see the whole xenerio of the game closely with the help of this feature.

If you are a new user of this software , some questions may occur in your mind. Let’s find out what type of software this is.

Optifine is Safe

We all know that different software is introduced on the internet on a daily basis. In this case we might have a question in our mind , if this is safe or not. This is totally safe because there are no hidden clauses while downloading or installing minecraft optifine.

Any spotted virus in optifine minecraft

Another question we may have in our mind is if we should optifine a virus or it may create any virus to our computer. There is no virus in it , but you should be assured that you have downloaded optifine minecraft from the official site of optifine, in this way you would not face any difficulty. 

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This complete article is to provide the complete information about downloading and installing of optifine in minecraft with using java and without using java. All gamers should visit this article to find out the way to install this specific software that is helpful for their performance in games, even if they have a computer with less powerful graphic cards and less memory.

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