Google Chromecast With TV vs Firestick 4K

The World is progressing rapidly and so different technologies and devices are being launched by several companies to cope up with this progressing World. These devices are based on modern technologies and the interests of the people. Currently, it has been noted that Dishes and cables have been now replaced by several streaming devices. These streaming devices are getting up to date with time. In this article, we will discuss 2 of such upgraded devices.

Google Chromecast With TV vs Firestick 4K

Google Chromecast with TV and Firestick 4K, both are the updated versions of the old ones, i.e., Chromecast and Firestick. Both are the most recent and upgraded streaming devices. Both the devices allow the users to stream their favorite apps, channels, movies, dramas, TV series, TV shows, and a variety of things. These devices even allow the user to operate YouTube and subscribe to any channel.

In this article, we will do a thorough study on each of the above-mentioned streaming devices. We will discuss the benefits of these devices, their installation, and their use.

Chromecast With Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV is the most upgraded version of the older Chromecast. This upgraded version was released in the year 2020 and has tremendously replaced the older version of the Chromecast. This device, Chromecast with Google TV, has a higher approach as it streams almost all the channels on your TV, even Apple TV+. You can see a variety of content with Chromecast with Google TV.

Chromecast With Google TV

Pricing of Chromecast With Google TV

This streaming device is a bit expensive and can be found at a retail rate of $50 at almost every other outlet.

Chromecast With Google TV – Features

This upgraded version of Chromecast is available in three different colors, i.e., white, pink, and sky blue. The device is an oval-shaped dongle that has an exterior HDMI port that is inserted into the TV to get connected to it.

For fast response and functioning, the Chromecast with Google TV has a quad-core processor. Also, it has a RAM of 2GB and storage of 8GB, out of which it uses only 3.6 GB rest of 4.4 GB is used for app storage.

Its remote has a smart function of Voice and audio by which it can follow your vocal instructions. For instance, if you ask it to search for funny or action movies, it can search for you without interpreting it. It can also order food and snacks for you while you are watching something on it. If you say you want to order pizza, it will place an order of pizza at a nearby place.

You can use its Bluetooth technology to pair your headphones or wireless controllers (that do not come with it) for listening privately. It is to be noted that the volume of the headset cannot be controlled with the remote.

If you want to watch videos from your phone to TV, you can have this option too. You can easily watch the videos from your phone on your TV too. It also has access to your Google photos so that you can allow the slideshow of your collection when your device is not streaming videos. This is a way to make other people aware of your photos collection.

Setting up the Chromecast With Google TV

  1. First of all, insert the Chromecast into an empty HDMI port of the TV.
  2. Then connect a USB port to the USB port of the TV to get the power supply.
  3. The remote will automatically connect, and if it does not happen, then follow the instructions.
  4. Connect your Google account.
  5. Lastly, follow the instructions to connect your phone to the Chromecast.

Firestick 4k

Firestick 4k is a product launched for streaming and providing more vibrant colors to the television. You can also stream various channels and applications by using Firestick 4k.

Firestick 4k

Firestick 4k – Features

Firestick 4k has a quad-core process for rapid working. This comes up with s remote controller with several buttons to control the functions of the volume. Like all the other remote controllers of other upgraded devices, it also has a function of a microphone to work on the voice commands of the user. You can give your Voice commands not only to the microphone present in the remote but also to the Echo free Amazon speakers.

The only thing you cannot do by using Firestick 4k is that you can’t get access to the channels available on cable, plus you cannot get your hands on YouTube.

How to Set Up Firestick 4K

Setting up Firestick 4k is not a complicated task. All you have to do is to insert it into the HDMI port of the TV. After inserting, connect the USB port to the adapter to get the power supply. After doing this, insert the batteries into the given remote controller. Follow the instructions on the instructions book if required.

Pros of Firestick 4k

It has the benefit that you can greatly access a great performance at a very reasonable price.

Cons of Firestick 4k 

It does not support YouTube, which is a very negative part of it. Nor, it supports the live TV channels on the cable.

Final Words

This article is actually for understanding and knowledge-seeking. After going through this article, you will get enough information about the most updated leading streaming devices, i.e., Firestick 4k and Chromecast with Google TV. This article describes each of the products very well. Both these devices are well known for streaming purposes. If we compare both the devices, then Chromecast with Google TV has all the points to be given priority. After understanding this article, you will get to know the differences and similarities of both devices. Both streaming devices have gained much popularity across the World.

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