Apple TV vs Firestick: Read Comparison to Choose Best

The world has become a global village. And we are surrounded by numerous digital and analogous devices. These devices mean to make our lives more convenient and better as they were never before. Keeping this thought in mind, a number of analogous devices have been upgraded to digital ones.

Apple TV vs Firestick

In this article, we are going to shed light on the most popular streaming devices. But before going through the details of streaming devices, it is important to clarify what streaming devices are and for what purpose they are used.

What Are Streaming Devices?

Streaming devices are the devices that connect the user’s TV or home theater system with the internet to enable a person to stream different music apps, videos, movies, dramas, TV series, and much more. Also, the streaming devices enable the users to stream YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Prime Video, and many other applications.

By considering the importance and popularity of streaming devices, different applications and different digital companies have introduced their own streaming devices. Following are the names of the most well-known streaming devices:

Streaming Devices

 In this article, we are going to discuss the specifications and features of Apple TV and Firestick. Let us discuss each of the two streaming devices one by one.

Disclaimer: This article is not promoting any of the devices or create a difference between any of the two devices. This article is only limited to the purpose of acknowledgment and understanding.


Firestick is a product launched for streaming and providing more vibrant colors to the television. You can also stream various channels and applications by using Firestick.



Firestick has a quad-core process for rapid working. This comes up with s remote controller with several buttons to control the functions of the volume. Like all the other remote controllers of other upgraded devices, it also has the function of the microphone to work on the voice commands of the user. In fact, you can give your voice commands not only to the microphone present in the remote but also to the Echo free Amazon speakers.

The only thing you cannot do by using Firestick is that you can’t get access to the channels available on cable, plus you cannot get your hands on YouTube.

How to set up Firestick

Setting up Firestick is not a complicated task. All you have to do is to insert it into the HDMI port of the TV. After inserting, connect the USB port to the adapter to get the power supply. After doing this, insert the batteries into the given remote controller. Follow the instructions on the instructions book if required.

Pros of Firestick

It has the benefit that you can greatly access a great performance at a very reasonable price.

Cons of Firestick

It does not support YouTube, which is actually a very negative part of it. Nor, it supports the live TV channels on the cable.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a set-top box device from apple that runs tvOS. Apple TV is a strong competitor to Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Firestick. Apple currently sells two models that are Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. Alongside these, the company also has an Apple TV App that is available for both Android and iOS users. The first generation of Apple TV was released in September 2006, and till now, Apple has released six generations of Apple TV.

Apple TV


The Fourth Generation of Apple TV, which is also known as Apple TV HD, was launched in 2015. It supports videos up to 1080p and 60 fps, and it is only available in 32 GB storage. Inside the box comes a Siri remote that works on Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

The Apple TV Sixth Generation, which is also called Apple TV 4K, uses the A12 Bionic chip instead of the A8 used in Apple TV HD. It supports videos up to 2160p and 60 fps. It uses technologies like HEVC Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR10. It is available in 32 GB and 64 GB options. The Apple TV 4K comes with the second-generation Siri remote, which uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This is a completely redesigned remote and has aluminum and rubber buttons. It also has a microphone for Siri options.

Setting up Your Apple TV

Setting up the Apple TV is quite simple and easy. The tvOS provides you with a couple of ways to set up. Either you can choose the convenient way, or you choose to type a lot using the remote. The easy way is that you can set up a lot of things simply through your iPhone. You will still have to enter some things manually, but most of the things will be taken care of. Or you can choose to enter everything manually from your iTunes account credentials to your Wi-fi password.

Price and Guide for Buying

The Apple TV 4K with 32 GB storage is priced at $179, while the one with 64 GB storage option is priced at $199. On the other hand, Apple TV HD with 32GB storage sells for $149.

When considering buying, one should keep in mind that Apple TV 4K is better than the HD version in almost every area due to its lower specifications. It is difficult to recommend buying Apple TV HD, especially when it is only $20 cheaper than the 4K version.

Final Thoughts

We can not compare both devices. Each of the devices has particular specifications. Both the streaming devices have their own merits and demerits. We can not deny the significance of any of the discussed streaming devices. This article is very fruitful and informative, especially for those who are interested in buying a streaming device and confused between these two. Also, if you want more information regarding any of these devices, you can browse more about them. Prices may fluctuate with the passing days.

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